Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

• To comply with the Environmental Legislation of the Republic of Turkey in all of our activities,

• To identify and minimize any pollutant in its source,

• To minimize environmental effects and improve the environmental performance continuously,

• To use natural resources efficiently,

• To use products which are not harmful to human health and environment in all of our activities,

• To conduct training courses internally and externally in order to spread the awareness for the environment and to share the gained experiences with our stakeholders.

Energy Usage Policy

Operating in the textile sector on knitting, fabric dying, printing and ready-made garments, TAMTEX Tekstil Konfeksiyon İmalatı ve Tic. A.Ş.

• is aware that consumed energy is an issue which is important in terms of both costs and environmental factors and which must be primarily analyzed;

• is committed to have studies necessary for implementation of this policy, to improve the processes in accordance with the needs, to follow up the energy items, and to carry out activities reducing the energy density.