TAMTEX has been providing service to its customers for 20 years through its specialist staff.

In order to ensure sustainability of the competency of TAMTEX’ staff, it is essential in the selection and assignment of candidates to employ persons who have high level of education, are open to novelty and change, have entrepreneurship talent, are dynamic, have potential to develop himself/herself and his/her job, train employees, are able to do team work, and know and protect the corporate value to the company.


• To employ correct labor force who understand and protect our values,

• To support training of employees who are specialized in their fields of business,

• To implement a fair and consistent compensation system which takes into account the volume of the business, contribution to the business, knowledge/skills and competencies and the performance in the rewarding of our employees and which is in harmony with the conditions of the days,

• To ensure establishment of continuous and high performance culture in the company,

• To create and improve tools which will enable our employees to work in proper positions at proper locations at proper time at home and abroad,

• To improve continuously the organizational structure which is able to adapt itself to the change and requirements rapidly in order to strengthen the position of the company in the sector,

• To bring up executives and candidate executives who have rich business experience by creating global opportunities,

• To employ candidates who have strong social communication skills, are young and are living dynamically.